Jul 17, 2007

Social Networking Update

Ok, so I've been social networking now for just over a week. I have been avoiding it for some time because of the time and the offensive material that I've found at many social networking sites. Well, as you know, I've given in and created a Facebook profile and started connecting with my friends. Here are some of my observations so far.

I really like Facebook. It's clean and the material I've seen so far hasn't been offensive. I'm sure there is offensive material out there, but some sites force it on you (ahem YouTube). Facebook is nice because if I don't want to see it, I don't have to.

Another thing I've noticed about Facebook is that it really doesn't take that much time to be involved. I spent several hours getting it setup and browsing the applications, but now I just check it about once a day to see what's changed and what my friends are doing.

So what do I wish Facebook had that it doesn't. Ok, I'm really going to get labeled a flip-flopper here, but I wish it had more of my real friends on it. So that being said, Kelly (my one and only blog reader / commenter) please join up and add me to your friends list. It would be great to have you out there. I would be happy to add any others that read my blog to my friends list as well.

So why all the attention to social networking and blogging lately? Well, I'm getting ready to start a series of posts on some ideas that I've been having about agile data warehousing. I know what you're thinking -- oxymoron. You're right. That's precisely what I think too. Stay tuned...

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Kelly said...

I'll get there.