Aug 30, 2006

Simple Things that Make a Day

My children really make my day sometimes. They do so much to brighten my day and make me feel very very happy. Last night as I was getting Nathan ready for bed he made my day. I was attempting to rock him to sleep. It was approaching 11:00 PM and I was really really tired. I was very anxious for him to sleep, but he just wouldn't cooperate. He just wanted to play. Finally I got him calmed down and as I rocked him, he was focusing on something on the wall behind me. I kept telling him, jokingly, "Nathan! Go to sleep!" Over and over again I would tell him. Well, being just over 3 months old, he obviously wasn't listening - or understanding. But you would never had guessed it by what he did next. Just as his eyes were starting to get heavy, he would look over at me and smile. It wasn't one of those casual smiles either, it was one of those "I'm playing with you dad" smiles. He would start to close his eyes and just as he would do so, he would smile and then open them really quickly. It was very funny and it only took about 3 rounds of this to have me laughing extatically. He eventually did fall asleep, but before doing so, he made my day!

Today I was really struggling at work to stay focused. I was feeling tired and a little overwhelmed by my current project. I called home to talk to Sara about some things related to our new house and Abbie wanted to talk to me. She was very anxious so Sara put her on the phone. She was quiet at first, then I said "Hi Abbie". Her response was "Hi daddy! It's me, Abbie...." and off she went. I didn't understand much of anything else she said but Sara told me later that she was just telling me about her day. Hearing her call me daddy made me chuckle and even laugh right out loud. Abbie has always been such a sweetheart. She always seems to know exactly what to say or do to liven your day. Today, hearing, "Hi daddy! It's me. Abbie" made my day.

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