Aug 30, 2006

Make it a Success!

I've been trying to do some more reading lately on what's been going on in the BI Industry. I lost touch while I was in school finishing my Associates Degree in Business Management. Now that school is out of the way (for a little while anyway) I can begin catching up. One of my favorite magazines (Intelligent Enterprise) had a fantastic article entitled "7 Pillars for BI Success". When I finished the article I realized that we have already adopted many of these pillars into our BI strategy at Sento. We have seen success on many accounts and continue to do so as we enlarge our BI System.

Recently, Nortel Networks visited Sento and looked at what we are doing with the data that we get out of their Symposium (PBX) system. I can't speak for them, but I will say they were impressed. The system is very impressive. We have been able to take a very complex and confusing set of data and present it to the business in a way that allows them to get the information they need, when they want it. It also allows our users to build ad-hoc reports on the fly. Since the release of the system, requests for reports based on the Symposium system have decreased dramatically.

I mention this to point out that a projects success should be emphasized and reemphasized to the business. When propriety allows, I believe companies should seek industry recognition for the quality work they do. Many times in the aforementioned article it pointed out the 1-800 Contacts and Allstate had won awards for the work they had done for their business. This not only makes the company look good, but it instills in executives confidence for future projects. So make your project a real success by spreading the word. Let people know how great your work is! Your project is only a success if people view it as thus. Showing off your work is only wrong if you do it at the expense of others.

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