Oct 6, 2007

Parallels Shared-Networking on the Fritz

I love Parallels and I use if often. For networking, I have chosen Shared Networking for ease of use and so that I only have to have a VPN client on my Mac. Last night I was in need of printing from Word 2007 to my shared printer. But for some reason, my Parallels machine couldn't connect to the network. I looked at the IP settings and sure enough, it wasn't getting an IP address from Parallel's NAT service.

Well, I fought with releasing and renewing the IP address to no avail. Then, because I was frantic, I switched the networking to Bridged. The Parallels machine got it's IP from my router and I was back in business. But I don't want that machine to use Bridged networking permanently.

So I fought with it again this morning. With some help from Google, I discovered that the NAT service is located at /Library/StartupItems/Parallels/pvsnatd. Issuing a simple stop and start from the command line was all it took. Within seconds, my Parallels machine was able to get an IP address from the NAT Service and I was back in business. Strange that the NAT service was either hung or just stopped working.

Commands issued:
sudo /Library/StartupItems/Parallels/pvsnatd stop
sudo /Library/StartupItems/Parallels/pvsnatd start

Hope this helps anyone else out there that runs across the same issue.


Anonymous said...

it did -- thanks!

Anonymous said...

Helped me too! I had seen a (less practical)

kill -HUP pvstnatd

but this way is to be preferred obviously since the daemon is brought back to life. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Perfect!! Exactly what I needed...

Anonymous said...

This DEFINITELY helped me and is now in a shell alias so I don't have to look it up every time it happens. Thank you very much!

Dan said...

Thank you so much, helped me out after I'd been struggling with this for a few days :)