Jul 6, 2007

Giving In to Peer Pressure

I can't take it. I had to do it. I'm now on FaceBook. I know, I know... I'm a hypocrite. But this is what I learned.

  1. I've wasted a ton of time getting my profile setup
  2. It wasn't nearly as simple as I thought it would be
  3. No one I know very well is there
  4. Most of the people I found were students who I have nothing in common with
Ok, so now that I've ranted a little on my experience. I would like to state why I went ahead and setup an account. First, peer pressure. I want to be cool like Phil and Paul and Robert (see previous post).

Second, I noticed a dearth of technology representation from Eastern Idaho. I know what you're thinking. There isn't any technology in Eastern Idaho. Well, you're only mostly right. One of the biggest employers in Idaho Falls is the Idaho National Laboratory. This is a place full of scientists and techies. There are also several small firms here that do technology related things (ML Technologies & Docutech to name a couple). The thing I don't understand is how there isn't any technology community. The only thing I can think of is that there isn't any leadership. I've seen some attempts to get this going, but nothing has really come out of it. Well, I thought it would be fun to try to start up a group on FaceBook to see what kind of response I could get.

Third, I wanted to validate my claims from the previous post. How much time would it take? Is it worth my time? Those are questions I want to validate before I go out claiming whimsically. I plan to share my experience here and let you know what I think.

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Kelly said...

Hahahahaha. Mike, I'm interested to see what your opinions are. I read Paul and Phil's blogs as well and I *almost* went and registered for a facebook account after reading the same blogs. Frankly the only thing that stopped me was the fact that I was on my work machines that are proxied and didn't know how appropriate signing up for a social network would be. I'm interested to see your impressions of it.