Nov 9, 2005

Getting in on the Ground Floor

I just love the fact that the data warehousing and related industries are still in their infancy. What's that you say? Infancy? For an industry that is over 20 years old (and for computer technology that is a lot)? Yes, that's exactly what I mean - infancy. Take for example this article published by Bill Inmon, considered to be the father of data warehousing:The Importance of Customer Data Integration

He comes right out and says we aren't even close. I agree 100%! As I have stated before, data warehousing and customer data integration and related technologies are still virtually unavailable to the majority of the businesses out there that desperately need them. Business Analysis is still largely being done in spreadsheets for crying out loud!

To me, this infancy is the allure of this industry. It's like getting in on the ground floor of a promising company. Anyone with good ideas and a good work ethic can make a huge difference. I believe in that potential.

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