May 3, 2005

A Fresh Start

So, I am sitting here at the University Mall campus for Utah Valley State College (UVSC) about a half hour before my Biology 1010 class starts. I was happy to find that the wireless connection that I purchased for the main campus is in place here so that I can be online during class. This kind of technology is really cool.

After the last semester, I am glad to have a fresh start. I really felt that last semester I put in a sub-mike-farmer-standard effort. With only one class, I am glad to start anew and really put forth a revitalized effort.


Funny thing just happened. The instructor here, who seems really nice, is setting up a projector. Looks like she will be using powerpoint for her lecture. She just asked me if I knew how to make the remote for the projector turn the slides. She needs a cable to plug the projector into her laptop to get it to work. The funny thing about this though is that you never know when odd-ball computer skills will come in handy.

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